About Our Events

Note: This page is about our in-person events. To learn more about virtual Gingerbread Games, get in touch 🙂

Gingerbread Games is a smart, competitive and wildly fun team building activity based on a gingerbread house making competition. It’s perfect for teams that love cooking, crafts and want to do something fun together for the holidays. We offer Gingerbread Games in person and as a virtual holiday party, so your team can come together and enjoy the spirit of the holidays no matter where you are located.

Our team is made up of world class facilitators, AKA Elves, that LOVE the holidays. On the day of your event, our Elves will show up at your office, event space or one of the Gingerbread Games venues throughout the city. Your team will do two small challenges, followed by The Gingerbread of Greatness; an epic showdown of craftsmanship, creativity and gum drops, where each team competes to make the best gingerbread house, or castle, or truck stop, or piley thing, or whatever. The event is fast-paced, unconscionably fun, and probably the best damn time your team will have together this holiday season.

Example Event Itinerary

We have an awesome team building format that guests rave about, plus some options so you can make the event a perfect fit for your group. Here is a sample event itinerary for a Gingerbread Games event:

Activity Time
Warm Up Games & Icebreakers 10 minutes
Ginger-Trivia & Ginger-Challenges 20 minutes
Gingerbread Games™ 40 minutes
Houses Pitches 5 minutes
Voting – Let’s crown the champ! 10 minutes
Cool Down, Group Photo & Wrap Up 5 minutes
Total 1.5 hours

Every Gingerbread Games event includes the essentials for a successful competition: your facilitator, game materials, food items, and prizes. This package will have your team glowing with celestial joy.

More Details

Gingerbread Games is inclusive. We aren’t about Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus or any other celebration. We just LOVE holiday parties and bringing people together for a good time. You are welcome to wear your ugly sweater though.

You can host your party nearly anywhere. At your office, in an event hall, on a bus, at one of our official Gingerbread Games venues, online, or wherever you plan to congregate.

We can provide MOST of your event. Our main thing is entertainment, and we can also provide the venue, gifts for guests and everything else you need to make your event successful. BYOB optional.

It works for groups of all sizes. Have a team of 30? Rad. Have a team of 300? 10 times as rad. We can accommodate your entire staff, and their +1s if they are invited.

Our prices are reasonable. Not cheap, because then our business would fail, but reasonable. We will probably fit in your budget.

A large group of people having a year end celebration.

BTW, we only do this 3 months per year, and space is limited.